Stedelijk museum Alkmaar

Studio florisvanderkleij designed for the collection child toys of the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. This was a permanent exhibition which is no longer exhibited.
The collection of child toys “De kleine wereld” (the small world) was a vibrant collection, collected by the museum itself. The collection contained numerous objects that were displayed all at once.The exhibition had no selection or any form of hierarchy. When you walk closer to an object in the new exhibition, the object becomes isolated. You can look at it as in a look-box. Echt object is evenly highlighted and reveals itself in its own little world. 


The walls are made of black MDF. The different boxes are milled out at random by a CMC mill machine. In this wall are approximal 200 acrylate boxes. Those are closed off by transparent acrylate on the front. These so-called ‘softboxes’ are lit by fluorescent tubes.
Dimension:  18 meters long and 3 meters high.

Practical information

Client: Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, Sandra de Vries.
Execution: Ubachs, Amsterdam. Van Buseck, Diemen.
Collective design: Willem Hoebink en Floris van der Kleij.
Delivery in 2000.
Expansion of the design with interactive elements in 2005 by Willem Hoebink.
Exhibition closed and removed in  December 2015