Diner Yam Yam

Yam Yam is a restaurant which prepares meals in two different kitchens. One of them consists of a wood-stoked pizza oven. Yam Yam was the first in Amsterdam with a wood-stoked pizza oven. The assignment was to renew the interior of the restaurant, whilst keeping it recognizable as Yam Yam. Through excellent communication with the owner, the logistics and space were created to develop a clear plan.

The project

The building in which Yam Yam is located consist of two different buildings. The two buildings are separated by a bearing wall. This bearing wall is partially demolished and replaced by steal portals. The portals were processed and worked into the wall so that they became nearly invisible. The fluent transition it created, created more space and a better overview for the staff as well as the customers. To enhance this overview and space, the new bar consisted of four separate pars. The different elements were shifted relative to each other. The bar was tiled with white 10×10 Mosa tiles. Above the two bars are two RVS frames that are suspended from the ceiling. Those frames serve as armature as well as containing the bottles of water and bose.

Furthermore, the wood-stoked oven is stripped of its old stone strips and tiled with untreated iron. The floor is lined up with oak lamels. The choice was made to keep the old interior of the restaurant. This resulted in a minimal change between the new and old interior.

Practical information

Exccution portal: Janco Luntz timmerwerken Beverwijk
Stucco and tile work: Alex’ 96, Amsterdam
Floor: Bentvelzen and Jacobs, Zaandam
Bar: Maatschap Spaarndam, meubelmakers in Amsterdam. Derek Hall / Edward van Altena
Client: Johan Vogelaar
Photography: Kees Winkelman.
Styling photography: Marielle Maessen.
Design and managing: Studio florisvanderkleij
Delivery in 2008