About the studio

profielfoto Floris van der Kleij

Studio florisvanderkleij is a small and experienced design studio which is located in Amsterdam. The studio differs itself due to its personal collaboration with its clients and suppliers. We deliver creative solutions which are technically feasible and within the stated budget of the client. The studio pays attention to the environment and makes effort to design and creat sustainable and circulair solutions. We design, whenever possible, demountable, and even remountable, products which are designed for a longer, better and more sustainable future. Furthermore, the studio designs products which look good and improve the life of client, consumer and surroundings.
Since creativity has no boundaries, so doesn’t the studio. The past 20 years, the studio developed a broad and ever-expanding portfolio. The studio develops and delivers a project from start to finish for the clients and all other stakeholders. Because of this, and the teamwork during projects, an optimal result can be achieved.

afbeelding van de studio

Circular Within the firm, in recent years expertise has been built up in the field of circular design, where sustainability means more than recycling materials. We design re-mountable products with an eye on the future, which look good and make life better for the users and the environment. Remontable (construction) parts are adjustable in functionality, aesthetics and dimensions. As a result, they have a long life expectancy (and depreciation) and no waste is produced. In 2014, together with Piet van der Werf Hubbel bv was founded; Hubbel is a complete construction system that consists of re-assembled parts. Hubbel won the building Holland Award on the BouwRai in 2010.
Lectures and teaching In addition to the design work, a lecture is given with some regularity or a (guest) lesson. How to design for a circular economy usually provides the basis, but also social design projects or other environmental issues (particulate matter, salinisation) are discussed.