Studio florisvanderkleij offers internships in a relaxed and inspiring surroundigs. The studio is situated in the center of Amsterdam. During the internship you learn about al the different aspects of working at a smal design office.
The internships does not only offers interns the oppotunities to develop themselves in different aspects. They wil learn to and work with different computerproramms. The studio lets the interns send emails to suppliers and brings interns along to client meetings. Furthermore, interns will develop themselves in developping concepts to a realisitc design and product. We give interns the space to develop themselves and work independantly. The ability to work independintly is also a quality that the studio has become to expect from their interns. At the end of an internship, the student has an idea of working at their own design office. How they could begin and run one.
Studio florisvanderkleij shares their office with an other design studio, design studio Flip Ziedses des Plantes. This design studio also offers internships. The two studios offer eachother feedback, interesting design questions and awnsers. Furhtermore, we share lunches and have drinks on fridays.

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